Albuminuria : Precautions to be taken
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Albuminuria : Precautions to be taken

Query Code: DS201566

Available details,

Patient is suffering with albuminuria, diabetic(on insulin), consulted nephrologist.

Albuminuria is a condition where increased level of albumin present in urine.


  • damage to kidneys, and other structures in kidneys./

  • diabetes,

  • insulin resistant syndrome,

  • obesity,

  • endothelial dysfunction,

  • inflammatory states(rheumatoid arthritis).

  • increased salt intake

From the given/available information patient albuminuria probably may be caused by

diabetes, or insulin resistance or kidney (other kidney structure) dysfunction .

Precautions to be taken:-

  • avoid high protein diet( red meat)

  • reduce water intake

  • reduce or cut salt intake

  • reduce weight (if over weight)

  • do exercise and burn fat

Check or monitor for

  • retinopathy or other retinal problems,

  • hypertension,

  • cardiovascular problems,

  • kidney problems.

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